Julia Filament – Drawing Artist

“Every artwork starts from an idea, and the idea was born from inspiration,” muses Julia Filament from Kiev, Ukraine. Although graduated from SAE Institute Amsterdam in 3D graphics and animation she is keen to study further and become an autonomous artist.

Julia Filament’s primary drive comes from the world around her. She draws inspiration from psychological fluctuations resulting from worries, happiness and love. Social interaction often results in deep emotional states and her goal is to transfer this to paper. “I try to show the easy and difficult sides of our life, for example disappointment, selfishness, altruism, problems of drug availability, truth, deception, freedom and wisdom, nature, attention… Everything is reflected in these pictures.”

Rather than remaining vague as is common when depicting psychological abstractions, the original social interactions are apparent throughout her work.

Julia Filament - Drawing 1 Julia Filament - Drawing 2  Julia Filament - Drawing 4

Julia Filament - Self portrait 2014

Julia Filament is exhibiting at The Open Draw – Summer Weekend 2014

Join her international life drawing society at the Summer Weekend.

Find more work at http://vk.com/albums11030739?profile=1

Our world owes much to drawing. The alphabet, celestial navigation, education, architecture, all children of the simple abstraction of a line and our infinite capacity for its interpretation. For an artist it is the most elementary of expressions. Once on paper, a stroke can never be undone. I discovered my love for the subtleties and versatility of the art form when I was campaigning for 1000 Drawings Amsterdam in 2011-2013. It has held me captive ever since. I am myself a novice and an enthusiast and I want to bring drawing professionals and people like me closer together, while promoting drawing to new audiences.

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