The Open Draw – Summer Weekend 2014 report

The very first The Open Draw summer weekend with mini workshops, drawing activities and performance art on 21-22 June 2014 was a huge success. It was the closing of the first season of building a community around drawing and illustration. It was also the first time some of the finest talents of this community joined together to create a group exhibition.

Eat your own drawing

Eat Your Own Drawing - Food Art workshop with natural dyes

Eat Your Own Drawing - Food Art workshop with natural dyes

Using food and natural dyes (from food and spices) you can create rich color palettes. This workshop evolved beyond our own expectations. Lots of knowledge that got lost through the ages is fortunately still readily available and now shared by our workshop hosts Emily Morley, Els Iris and Candy Choi. It proved extremely popular and easy on both eyes and noses.

Literature reading, Music, Illustration and Calligraphy

Performance Art - Literature reading, Music, Illustration and Calligraphy

The performance recounted a passage from the letter Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother describing the research of his first attempts at painting. A voice (Naqiba Bergefurt) read the text from the letter. Calligrapher Riccardo Russomano transcribed the verse. Els Iris illustrated around the composition of words. Background music and physical theatre completed the performance.

 …see in my work an echo of what struck me, I see that nature has told me something, has spoken to me and that I’ve written it down in shorthand…Vincent van Gogh

Performance Art - Literature reading, Music, Illustration and CalligraphyPerformance Art - Literature reading, Music, Illustration and Calligraphy
A striking ensemble…

Group exhibition

The Open Draw - Group exhibitionFor some the first time, for others a great chance of exhibiting together. With the diverse backgrounds, there was something to appreciate for everyone.

Model Drawing

Live model drawing workshop
If you like drawing, chances are you study through model drawing. Julia Filament organizes model drawing workshops and hosted on at The Open Draw – Summer Weekend 2014.


Loop - Performance Art - Natural dyes drawing, dance and sound

Loop - Performance Art - Natural dyes drawing, dance and soundA captivating performance art collaboration between Sylvia Kruidenier (drawing), Risa Takita (dance) and Rene van Veelen (sound), using only organic dyes made from food. The smell could not be depicted but was surely an intriguing part of the performance that had a primal quality while deliberating with a sense of sophistication.

The Open Draw with Doodle Bar

A central theme and validation of our existence comes from our social experiment; the art of drawing together. See the photo at the top of this article.

Drawing mandalas and zentangles in the Asia LoungeA more tranquil experience could be achieved in the quiet space of the Asia Lounge while drawing mandalas or zentangles.

Drawing Disco

Drawing Disco reliefDrawing Disco reliefBut there was also room for a breather drawing with music loud and happy.

More drawing fun and learning

Typelab - Learning about calligraphyRiccardo Russomano taught the basics of calligraphy.

Drawing Machine by White LabelThe creators at White Label (makerlab) made this awesome drawing machine.

Temptoos - temporary tats in the sunny gardenThe Temptoos got a little out of hand…

Photo by Olga Permyakova

Exposing The Open Draw

The Open Draw is a social experiment with the simple belief that ‘together we are stronger’, much like the philosophy of our host Mixtup. It is a platform to create, share, innovate, present and experiment. This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t gather a number of highly talented and dedicated artists, performers and creative producers who share this common belief.

A special thanks goes to all exhibiting and performing artists (see Summer Weekend 2014) and especially thanks to our team Candy, Neil, Emily, Martin, the extended team Cammy, Risa, Els, Riccardo, Esther, Kerry, Myria, Olga, Julia, Dudley and of course Mixtup’s Arno and Melle.

~Kim & Gail

Our world owes much to drawing. The alphabet, celestial navigation, education, architecture, all children of the simple abstraction of a line and our infinite capacity for its interpretation. For an artist it is the most elementary of expressions. Once on paper, a stroke can never be undone. I discovered my love for the subtleties and versatility of the art form when I was campaigning for 1000 Drawings Amsterdam in 2011-2013. It has held me captive ever since. I am myself a novice and an enthusiast and I want to bring drawing professionals and people like me closer together, while promoting drawing to new audiences.

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