Drawing together by sketching outdoors

From travel sketchbook keeping to sketching meet ups, the power of recording the world around us through drawing is a growing trend thanks to social media.

‘See The World One Drawing at a Time’ is the motto of Urban Sketchers, in which both professional and hobby artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel, where sketchers can share their drawings and stories and interact with each other on a network of blogs and a flickr group. International Urban Sketching Symposiums are held regularly and people travel to meet each other and join in sketchtours and workshops in different locations around the globe.


From London, BarcelonaAmsterdamNew York, San Francisco, Lisbon, Singapore and Seoul, sketchers portray everyday life — from commuters on packed rush-hour subways to coffee drinkers at a sidewalk café. Their open sketchbooks show lively streetscapes, soaring architecture and intriguing faces, all quickly rendered by pen and paper.


SketchCrawl is a regular ‘drawing marathon’, founded a few years ago by Enrico Casarosa in San Francisco, California and now has a worldwide following. It is easy to organise your own crawl and arrange appointed times and meeting places so people can join & leave anytime during the day, or just join a group that has already been organised by checking the website or facebook page.

Lex Hamers

Drawing a full day is a perfect way to slow down changes the way you look around you, it is interesting and inspiring to share and compare other peoples drawings and thoughts. Comparing views on the surroundings, different details noticed and getting a bit geeky about each others materials is a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours outside and make new friends.


Sketches straight out of the sketchbooks of courtesy of Koosje Koene ,  Lex Hamers , Dudley Svensgaard and myself Gail Anne Howard

I have a particular passion for the hand drawn, the spontaneous moments of inspiration and the random and unexpected moments of 'never finished' expression. Setting up and organising public art projects have been one of the catalysts for exploring working with others as a form of art, an ongoing, never ending piece of work, the importance of creative, non-linear thinking for an individual of making personal marks on the world I enjoying sharing my love of drawing and collaborative, social creativity

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