Observing The Debate – Trump VS. Clinton

2016 has been an interesting year for global politics, to say the least.
Britain and the EU have had their own political circus with the Brexit campaign. And now the US is barreling toward their presidential election. The candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it has turned politics and debate into a spectacle that reality-TV could only dream of.
But if anything, it’s a constant stream of material for many talented cartoonists.

Nate Beeler - Debate Prep

Last night was the night of the First Presidential Debate. The moderator selects six subjects, each given a 15 minute segment. Traditionally candidates are given two minutes to respond to the the question, and then get an opportunity to respond to each other.
However, this format did not really work out as intended.

David Horsey - Zing-o-meterDana Summers
The candidates are obvious opposites. Clinton’s political experience was on full display, with a wide array of prepared answers ready to be fired off at a moment’s notice. Trump on the other hand often resorted back to claims of his financial success and was quick to interrupt his opponent.

Gary Varvel

Andy Marlette

According to a CNN/ORC poll, Hillary Clinton was considered the winner of the debate with 62% of the votes, with 27% for Donald Trump.
According to the voters she did a better job addressing the concerns of voters, and appeared to be a stronger leader. However, when polled about their sincerity, Clinton received 53% of the votes, as opposed to Trump’s 40%.

Matt Davies

Chan Lowe

The next few weeks are going to be interesting. Perhaps even historic. And the outcome will have effects that reach far beyond the United States.
But one thing is for certain. If you’re an aspiring cartoonist, now’s the time to get your reps in. It doesn’t happen often that so much material is handed to you like this!

David Sipress

“Of course, we won’t know for sure who won until the polls come in.”

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