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Our world owes much to drawing. The alphabet, celestial navigation, education, architecture, all children of the simple abstraction of a line and our infinite capacity for its interpretation. For an artist it is the most elementary of expressions. Once on paper, a stroke can never be undone. I discovered my love for the subtleties and versatility of the art form when I was campaigning for 1000 Drawings Amsterdam in 2011-2013. It has held me captive ever since. I am myself a novice and an enthusiast and I want to bring drawing professionals and people like me closer together, while promoting drawing to new audiences.

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Winners World Illustration Awards 2015

The winners of the World Illustration Awards 2015 have been announced by the Association Of Illustrators. As reported before the jury and participants are predominantly Euro centric, with a strong English and related (e.g. foreign student) presence. This doesn’t affect the quality of the winning entries, but the name suggest internationalism, and we would love to see the exhibition
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Professional GraphMaster Marker for the masses

Have you noticed that markers, a great tool for illustrators, are available on the marker either as high or low end with virtually nothing in between, and prices in accordance? Cheaply produced tools don’t quite do justice to the artist and as a result the images suffer from a lack of proper tooling. This is (arguably) of less consequence with pencils than
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Solo presentations mark fourth edition of international Amsterdam Drawing fair

The fourth edition of Amsterdam Drawing takes place from 17 to 20 September and distinguishes by a remarkably high number of solo exhibitions including Amsterdam’s first official city draughtsman Hamid el Kanbouhi (Morocco) for Galerie Nouvelles Images. The drawing event stands unique in it’s approach to presenting contemporary works on paper at an intimately staged
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Launching the 2015 Big Draw Festival in Oxford

On Saturday 19 September Oxford stages the launch event for The Big Draw 2015, the annual October festival that promotes visual literacy through drawing. The launch event features workshops and events across Oxford, with Philip Pullman and Chris Riddell opening at the Bodleian Library.


World Illustration Awards 2015 shortlist announced

The British Association of Illustrators (AOI) has revealed the shortlist for its 2015 World Illustration Awards. The judging panel of 24 international industry professionals sifted through over 2,000 submissions to select the best entries in each of the eight categories.


Massive new site dedicated to Illustration History by Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum (MA, US) just launched a wonderfully rich illustration history website with information spanning everything from early cave paintings to advanced digital explorations across cultures. A valuable resource for fans, collectors, scholars and students.


Call for applications Open Sessions 2016-17 at The Drawing Center NY

After a successful trial, The Drawing Center calls for applications for their second series of Open Sessions, a program created by Lisa Sigal and Nova Benway. Open Sessions is an opportunity for selected artists to find new approaches for contextualizing and exhibiting their work through conversation, public programs, and gallery installations. Artists selected for Open
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Drawing People: The Human Figure In Contemporary Art – by Roger Malbert

Drawing People is a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated survey of the most compelling and inventive drawings of the human form being produced today by 70 contemporary artists from around the world.


1000 Drawings Berlin 2015

On Saturday 27 June the second edition of 1000 Drawings Berlin takes place at the Willner Brauerei. From the rudimentary assignment “Draw anything, with anything, on anything A5” came over 1000 artworks from generous artists and amateurs which will be on fixed price sale of 10 EUR each that serve as donations to charity.


Sketch Workshop tutorial: Robo cyborg sketching

Learn how to sketch a seemingly complex robot by Darren Bartley in a free chapter from the Sketch Workshop Robots & Spaceships (3D Total). The Open Draw in Amsterdam hosted a real life workshop to try Sketch Workshop. Follow the local Amsterdam group on Meetup or on Facebook. Use SWSTOD20 in the shop on any Sketch Workshop product
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No More Selfies – Get The Picture

The term “selfie” became so common that it was recorded in the Oxford dictionary. Especially for Amsterdam Dance Event Drawn Live our artists are making portraits of anyone who wants to replace their selfie with a unique and memorable recollection. Our mission for Amsterdam Dance Event is to make a unique visual document about dance culture during ADE. This is a chance for drawing and
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Amsterdam Dance Event Drawn Live, by The Open Draw

Seven drawing artists and illustrators cover Amsterdam Dance Event. When we met with ADE Playground several months ago, the question naturally arose: is drawing in any way related to dance culture? Can we find a symbiotic relationship in these disciplines while retaining their independent qualities? Drawing is an art form associated with solitude and isolation without the
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Klaar van der Lippe – Visual Artist

Klaar van der Lippe has a rich history in visual, conceptual and performative arts and often invites her audience to participate in her research. Such investigations are constructed on qualitative properties and mental notions. She applies various techniques and media to unravel the mysteries of our cultural and artistic identity.


Matt McKenna – Illustrator

Matt McKenna draws on non-traditional material such as beermats. The surface of a coaster absorbs water while retaining printability and is often made of paperboard or layers of tissue paper. The compressed layers have a grainy structure which he applies as natural texture to his drawings.


Ineke Kamps – Illustrator, Painter and Photographer

Dutch illustrator Ineke Kamps studied Illustration Design before moving into painting and photography. Each of her preferred methods for visualization has it’s own distinct style and subject, but the portfolio clearly reveals her love for nature and specifically animals.


Arturo Desimone – Writer and Drawing Artist

Arturo Desimone’s work is a conversation of poetry, culture, religion, history and world affairs. His fascination with death and politics result in art and writing that serve as social commentary on the abuse of power. 


Derek Bacon – Illustrator

You may be more familiar with Derek Bacon than you thought. His iconic artwork often features on covers of magazines, most prominently The Economist. His illustrative work is strong and potent while using humor as message carrier and point of attraction. 


Timothy de Graaf – Visual Artist

Not long ago Timothy de Graaf asked himself the simple question “What’s Next?” in his oil painting solo exhibition at MLB Galerie in June. He has more than admiration for figuration; his hearing loss encouraged him to be more visually oriented. As a result he uses art to express himself in a universal language. 


The Open Draw Is One

I’m looking forward to our The Open Draw Is One birthday party this Monday on 15 September 2014 at Bart Invites, Bloemgracht 2 Amsterdam. We’re not just celebrating The Open Draw, we’re exposing ourselves by exhibiting at an established gallery while kicking off our education programme. These are serious aspirations, but we will always be accessible and
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The Open Draw – Summer Weekend 2014 report

The very first The Open Draw summer weekend with mini workshops, drawing activities and performance art on 21-22 June 2014 was a huge success. It was the closing of the first season of building a community around drawing and illustration. It was also the first time some of the finest talents of this community joined together to create a group exhibition.


Gail Anne Howard – Drawing Artist

Gail Anne Howard (UK) makes drawings with a steady hand and received a traditional British art education. In recent years she decided to steer beyond her original training to work with more playful and imaginative strokes. In 2012 she joined 1000 Drawings Amsterdam as drawing director and she tirelessly worked with local and international drawing communities. One of the more visible
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Sylvain Tegroeg – Illustrator and Product Designer

Sylvain Tegroeg (Georget) was born in Tours, France in 1989, and currently based in Amsterdam. He graduated in 2013 from Gerrit Rietveld Academy as product designer where he was educated in conceptual design with a personal vision. His illustrative work started its own life resulting in the successful pursuit of becoming an autonomous illustrator.


Erica Meriggi – Textile Drawing and Fashion Design

Erica Meriggi is an Italian fashion casual wear and sportswear designer with textile drawings and graphics experience. She graduated in Fashion Design at NABA in Milan and finds inspiration from the street to the catwalk.


Juan Pablo Bran – Drawing Artist

Born and raised in Guatemala, Juan Pablo Bran wasn’t exposed to the world of fine realist art until his mid thirties on a business trip to Amsterdam. He found himself fascinated by the works of the old masters. At the age of 35 he created his first drawings, with surprising results.


Koes Komo – Sketchologist

Koes Komo calls himself sketchologist and he certainly deserves the name; he sketches and draws a minimum of four hours a day. Koes “Komo” Hatmoko was born in Semarang Central Java (10­6­1980). He presents himself flexibly as a designer, children’s book illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist, painter, live drawing artist, sculptor, animator, storyboard artist and movie maker.


Pieter van Tongeren – Graphic Designer and Illustrator

The fresh and deceptively simplistic graphic imagery by Dutch illustrator Pieter van Tongeren has a strong potency to the point that his subjects look like they existed far before he ever worked on them. His commercial work speaks cleanliness, typical of Dutch design. For some mysterious reason Pieter has the ability to combine his simplicity with his elaborate illustrative work, and
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Teresa Orazio – Visual Designer

Teresa Orazio is multidisciplinary visual designer, self-taught illustrator and street artist from Naples, Italy. She worked for agencies such as McCann Erickson and has collaborated on projects for Rizzoli and Rolling Stone Magazine. In Amsterdam she founded studio Doppiorizzonte.


Els Iris – Drawing Artist

Els Iris is inspired by natural history and the particularity of perception. Her art focuses on the natural beauty that comes from hidden, integral parts of the body. She hails from Vancouver (Canada) and lives in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


Tora Mudadu – Drawing Artist

With roots in Sardinia, Italy, Tora Mudadu was brought up with traditional iconography and spiritually charged symbolism. This origin strongly influences her character and style today. “I explore the inner world and psyche and, through symbolism, I create psychological portraits, which blend the physical features of my subjects with their dreams, desires, passions and fears.”


Sofia Neto – Drawing Artist and Illustrator

Sofia Neto was born and raised in a small surf city in Portugal and she brings the inspirations from her roots to her illustrations. Obsessed with detail, she can be as fanatical about tea or her idealistic pursuits. Currently, she freelances as a designer and illustrator.


Sophie Kells – Visual Artist

Sophie Kells is an Australian artist who graduated from the University of Wollongong’s Visual Arts program in 2008. She has exhibited in various locations around Australia with drawing, digital media, sculpture and mixed media. Sophie has a particular passion for blind contour drawing and most recently she’s been inspired by her new surroundings in the Netherlands.


Contemporary Bart – Visual Artist and Designer

Contemporary Bart applies his skills to professional work, personal interests and political statements. His free work is loaded with satire, humour and appreciation for pop culture and visual entertainment. He draws, paints and designs to express his sentiments and reveal his comic view of contemporary culture.


Julia Filament – Drawing Artist

“Every artwork starts from an idea, and the idea was born from inspiration,” muses Julia Filament from Kiev, Ukraine. Although graduated from SAE Institute Amsterdam in 3D graphics and animation she is keen to study further and become an autonomous artist.


Bart Koolen – Digital Illustrator

Bart Koolen (Apbart) is a digital illustrator who applies his unique imagination to thought provoking work. His illustrations are often packed with humor and ridicule. He’s far from afraid of subjecting himself to his own mockery.


1000 Drawings Berlin 2014 report

We went with a delegation from 1000 Drawings Amsterdam (and The Open Draw) to visit, support and enjoy the first ever edition of 1000 Drawings Berlin. Considering our involvement in the international community it is hard to be unbiased, but organiser Claudia Mascia took the 1000 Drawings core recipe and made it her own and added a unique Berlin flavour. With more than 1000 drawings and
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Draw what you see with NeoLucida

The NeoLucida is a simple to use drawing aid to help you draw what you see with a technique called optical tracing. The camera lucida is an old tool that may have aided great masters in the past. Using it is straightforward as NeoLucida suggests with this haiku You should look straight down  at your pencil and paper 
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A Single Note by Ben Sack “Dans Macabre – Time Lapse”

Ben Sack draws intricate pen and ink cityscapes. In a recent work he documented his progress in a fascinating time-lapse video. The end result is a painstakingly detailed drawing that took two months to create (with interruption and including editing the still photographs). In all, some 3500 individual photos were taken. The drawing is 48″ (4 ft / 121 cm) in diameter
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1000 Drawings Berlin 2014

After years of thoughtful contemplation and with the encouragement of friends and family on 24 May 2014 it will finally happen, the Night of a 1000 Drawings Berlin. A one night exhibition and party for charity, with only A5 size drawings, exhibited and sold for one common (low) fee, regardless of the actual price of the art work.
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3D LIX pen feels like a pen

A promising 3D capable pen that claims to be the smallest in the world. Although technically correct, the LIX pen is clearly aiming for competitors like the 3D Doodler. Already royally ahead of their 30k Kickstarter goal this project is set to release somewhere early 2015. If the prototypes deliver we will certainly see lots of wonderful things coming from
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Learn Chineasy through illustration

The daunting task of learning 20,000 Chinese characters is generally not the most inviting prospect, but then there’s Chineasy. ShaoLan set herself on a mission to spread the Chinese language by making it less intimidating to start with. She turned characters into colorful illustrations that are easy to interpret and learn. An excellent example of learning words and
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Caleb Wood freehand animation Plumb

Animation artist Caleb Wood created a freehand animation directly on the walls of Prøve Gallery in Duluth Minnesota, and created the animation “Plumb” as the result of the installation. Plumb from caleb wood on Vimeo. Follow Caleb Wood on Tumblr


Illustrator in residence at House of Illustration London

This summer 2014 House of Illustration will open its doors in the heart of the King’s Cross regeneration area, right next door to Central St Martins and close to the British Library. A unique public gallery and education space dedicated to exhibiting, celebrating and learning about British and international illustration and illustrators. The HOI employs a full time curator and
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New drawing magazine

We are a drawing community concept with local and international chapters. We are working on this online magazine, meanwhile you can follow us on See you soon!