The Open Draw at Corrosia, custom workshop


When people draw together they enter into visual dialogue that requires both concentration and release. The Open Draw creates bespoke workshops under the title BREAK for breaking patterns, breaking codes, breaking barriers and traditions. Break sessions are thought provoking, hands on creative workshops designed to be challenging, fun and informative. They are suitable for companies, cultural and artistic institutions and private groups. All workshops can be tailored to suit different levels of ability.

Break Products

All workshops can be tailored to suit your needs. These are our most popular sessions.

Exploratory drawing

For galleries, exhibitions, excursions

Challenge your observations and transfer this onto paper and engage into dialogue through drawing.

Drawing Together

For companies, organisations, teams

Team building activity. Working together to visualise the back story of participants, using basic tools to draw and communicate complex concepts.

Life model drawing theatre

For colleges, large groups, venues

A visual explosion with little time to waste. Props, visual media, lights all add to the selected theme.

Custom workshops

For companies, organisations

Experiential workshops range from drawing with natural materials to drawing with thread and break patterns to uncover your creativity.

Masterclass on demand

For large groups or organisations

We work with top artists and illustrators around the world who are willing to share unique insights into their creative processes.

Life drawing on demand

For colleges, drawing groups, venues

We work with models of different background, shape and size. Starting from 350 USD/EUR ex VAT.

Break Benefits

Subjects can vary; exhibition themes, theories, historic events, abstract or concrete concepts and objects. From here, we call these subjects “presentations”.

Benefits for artistic, cultural and educational institutions

We can enhance your visitors understanding of your presentations through observational drawing to improve reflection and interpretation.

  • Visual note taking of presentations challenges the creator to observe and question the inner and outer values of the subject
  • Have participants interact much deeper and longer than average on your presentations
  • Engage in mental and participatory dialogue with others more easily by showcasing or comparing results
  • Examine how participants experience your presentations with honest and well-considered feedback derived from their results.
  • Include participants; co-creation and collaboration in practice, without affecting the quality of your presentation.

Benefits for companies and organisations

We can lead you to a better understanding of visual language to improve collaborative communication for overall operational success.

  • Doodles and drawings are powerful memory aids
  • Visual explanations through simple drawings can simplify complex processes and concepts
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words
  • Providing humour or other devices for communication through pictures is accepted in professional context and can be powerful and personal
  • Corporate culture can be visual and engaging more easily outside the strict brand guidelines through drawing
  • Drawing collaboration is entertaining for teams, and versions thereof can be used in daily professional practice

Break Cases

We have extensive experience with a diverse set of clients. We customize our programme to your specific needs and create solutions for specific challenges.


Exploratory Drawing allowed for visitor interpretation of the artist’s body of work in the legacy of Marcel Duchamp, taking place at the launch of the Dysfunctional Matters exhibition.

Amsterdam Dance Event

Various drawing workshops and activities for the art programme, often cited in top 3 of reasons to visit the Amsterdam Dance Event in the art programme.

Toms Shoes

(Latest) Custom workshop working with organic dyes and natural materials taking place in the flagship store.


Regular workshops and community events to attract a mixed audience of artists, illustrators, creative parties.