2014 – What a year for The Open Draw

2014 what a year that was for The Open Draw! It was the year in which the regular Monday evenings and Sketchy Sundays became a solid fixture in the calender of many drawing artists and illustrators in Amsterdam. A time and place for regular visitors to showcase their work and methods and to have the opportunity to create, develop & host their own masterclasses.

We had a wonderful Summer Weekend which included one of in total four public exhibitions of our artists in different locations over 2014, workshops, fun activities and live performance.

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The Open Draw at Summer Weekend 2014

The Open Draw – Summer Weekend 2014 report

The very first The Open Draw summer weekend with mini workshops, drawing activities and performance art on 21-22 June 2014 was a huge success. It was the closing of the first season of building a community around drawing and illustration. It was also the first time some of the finest talents of this community joined together to create a group exhibition.

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1000 Drawings Berlin 2014 - flag

1000 Drawings Berlin 2014 report

We went with a delegation from 1000 Drawings Amsterdam (and The Open Draw) to visit, support and enjoy the first ever edition of 1000 Drawings Berlin. Considering our involvement in the international community it is hard to be unbiased, but organiser Claudia Mascia took the 1000 Drawings core recipe and made it her own and added a unique Berlin flavour. With more than 1000 drawings and wildly enthusiastic visitors. A great chance to discover artists, and a chance to obtain their art.

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