Although drawing is taught in groups and communities there are virtually no platforms that provide context for social intercourse that service post-graduates, professionals, students and general enthusiasts. It is a form of expression almost exclusively associated with solitude and isolation without instant gratification or any kind of direct interaction with it’s audience, admirers and critics. The Open Draw wants to change this and bring drawing artists and illustrators together to share, explore, meet and interact on a collaborative canvas for visual literacy.

Our goal is to have chapters in all major metropolitan areas and connect those chapters through each other’s local communities and the website. The first chapter started in Amsterdam and we are seeking partners everywhere.

Start your chapter

Do you want The Open Draw in your city? Are you familiar with events, hospitality or catering and a drawing enthusiast or professional? You can start a The Open Draw chapter in your city. Please contact for details.

Promoting drawing and illustration

We don’t just want drawing artists, illustrators and enthusiasts to come together, we want to promote that “drawing is fantastic”. It is a most original and personal form of expression that comes to life in an untold number of visual styles only limited to the imagination. We actively seek out external and unlikely partners and parties to engage in conversations about drawing. As such we have collaborated with the Mexican Talent Network, Amsterdam Dance Event, Tom’s Shoes and various galleries and exhibition spaces.

Meanwhile, we constantly develop new workshops, masterclasses and bespoke sessions that are fun, informative, hands-on and easy to get started with that are interesting to general public, organisations and groups of various sizes.