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The evolution of technology is a curious thing. Now that tablets and E-readers have become common household items, odds are there are households that will attempt to go paperless. Unfortunately this means that they will also move away from the magic of books, and this means there will be people growing up to whom a bookmark is only something they click if they want to quickly reach their favorite website.

Adventure boomark

And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of joy to be found in bookmarks, and seeing one being placed in the bag as you purchase another book to add to your pile of “Still need to read, but had to have when I find the time” always adds a sense of wonder and excitement.

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Ralph Steadman - Animal Farm

Ralph Steadman – 80 and Still Weird

When you drive from Amsterdam to London, you’re likely to pass a little town called Maidstone. Somewhere on the outskirts of this town, hidden behind the trees stands a large, stone mansion. Drive past it with the windows down, and you might catch an ink splatter on your cheek. Listen close and you might hear the hard, wet smacking sound of a soaked brush hitting heavy paper.
This is all part of Ralph Steadman’s process as he goes to work. “When I don’t know what to do, I do that. It might lead somewhere.”

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The Open Draw Crawled To Dutch Comic-Con!

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination…” Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


Take your first steps off the train at Utrecht Centraal, and you immediately hear Gene Wilder’s voice in the back of your mind. Down the steps of the station and toward the Jaarbeurs, it can truly feel surreal. Brightly coloured costumes and personalities surround you, as if you’ve just set foot into Walt Disney’s wet dream. (Not to be confused with the wet dream of The Disney Corporation, which is most likely to sue each cosplayer in one of their copyrighted costumes.)
Welcome to Dutch Comic-Con!

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6_Drawing 6 girl jumping loose

Final weeks in Macau while following Academy of Arts University online illustration class

Hi everybody,

So my last two weeks in Macau have arrived.

Next week we have the Photography Club exhibition and I am finishing up my animal masks for the theater play next month. I will make sure to document everything in such way that I can publish it online and share it with you guys. I am not allowed to post any pictures of the children in or around the school and in their uniforms.

This post I wanted to dedicate specially to the online illustration class that I have been following at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

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Unoccupied: The Geneva Convention In Pictures

The original Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the 1967 Geneva Conventions for Refugees –– and their respective protocols –– are highly relevant in today’s world. But how many people know what they are and who is holding the world’s governments accountable for the promises they made for you and on your behalf? Unoccupied: The Geneva Convention In Pictures aims to illustrate these complex topics to share them more broadly with us. Shayne Smart, visual thinker and business strategist, presents his idea at the coming The Open Draw Nights in Amsterdam on Monday 19 October and hosts his own event and workshop on Saturday 7 November. Continue reading…

Irene teaching class in Macau

Tough but beautiful weeks in Macau by Irene O’Callaghan

Hi everybody,

Three weeks have passed since I took the ferry to Macau and arrived in Hong Kong. I am now fully settled and over my jet-lag and in the flow of my new rhythm here. Finally, I have the time to write to you.

Gosh, where to start? The change has been so big for me and so many things have happened already that it seems like ages ago that I left. Let me begin by saying that I am so grateful to be here and to have made the decision to come. Every morning I wake up feeling blessed because I know that today will be another day full of joy. Continue reading…

Editorial New Talent

Winners World Illustration Awards 2015

The winners of the World Illustration Awards 2015 have been announced by the Association Of Illustrators. As reported before the jury and participants are predominantly Euro centric, with a strong English and related (e.g. foreign student) presence. This doesn’t affect the quality of the winning entries, but the name suggest internationalism, and we would love to see the exhibition touring metro cities around the globe. Continue reading…

GraphMaster Marker - heaped 2

Professional GraphMaster Marker for the masses

Have you noticed that markers, a great tool for illustrators, are available on the marker either as high or low end with virtually nothing in between, and prices in accordance? Cheaply produced tools don’t quite do justice to the artist and as a result the images suffer from a lack of proper tooling. This is (arguably) of less consequence with pencils than it is with pens or markers. Clemens Roosen of GraphMaster Marker believes that everyone deserves a quality marker to freely express their creative imagination. Continue reading…