2015-08-28 Weekplanning illustration_A_Macau_blog

Irene’s illustrated plans for Macau to teach drawing

Macau, here I come!

Hi guys,

So, the day has come. At 17:15 I fly out to Hong Kong, where I will arrive at 10:30 (local time). I have a 11,5 hour direct flight from Amsterdam. Once arrived I will take a ferry that will take me to Macau. Jeanie, the human resource representative of The School Of The Nations will be waiting for me at the ferry terminal.

I am excited, anxious, nervous and over the moon-happy all at the same time! Continue reading…

Amsterdam Drawing 2014 Livylva_10

Solo presentations mark fourth edition of international Amsterdam Drawing fair

The fourth edition of Amsterdam Drawing takes place from 17 to 20 September and distinguishes by a remarkably high number of solo exhibitions including Amsterdam’s first official city draughtsman Hamid el Kanbouhi (Morocco) for Galerie Nouvelles Images. The drawing event stands unique in it’s approach to presenting contemporary works on paper at an intimately staged fair. Continue reading…

Irene O'Callaghan

Irene O’Callaghan – A Dive Into the Unknown

Irene O’Callaghan is going on an incredible journey that will transform her life as a professional illustrator. It is a shining example of an artist making a dream come true. We are excited to follow her through her writings here at The Open Draw.

Dear members of The Open Draw and other interested people,

In the months January, February and March of this year I have been co-hosting the Monday evenings at The Open Draw. Some of you might remember me, to some of you I might be new. I suddenly left in April and never came back. This was not because I did not enjoy The Open Draw. On the contrary: The Open Draw inspired me to follow my dreams.

I left Amsterdam and went to visit the West-Coast of America. I have an American passport, but apart from the first six months of my life I have never lived on the continent. I always wanted to go back and see for myself what “America” was like. I heard about this university in San Francisco that offered a great illustration Master’s, and I was told about the blooming creative industry. Continue reading…

The Drawing Center

Call for applications Open Sessions 2016-17 at The Drawing Center NY

After a successful trial, The Drawing Center calls for applications for their second series of Open Sessions, a program created by Lisa Sigal and Nova Benway. Open Sessions is an opportunity for selected artists to find new approaches for contextualizing and exhibiting their work through conversation, public programs, and gallery installations. Artists selected for Open Sessions may or may not draw as their primary means of art-making. Continue reading…

USK 6th International Urban Sketching Symposium 2015 Singapore

The 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium Singapore 2015

Under the motto ‘Sharing the world, one drawing at a time’ The International Urban Sketching Symposium is an annual educational event organized by Urban Sketchers (USk) a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the practice of on-location drawing. This year the symposium will be held in Singapore on July 22-25. Continue reading…