Picasso - Dora Maar Oil Close Up

Quick Thoughts from ‘Pairing Picasso’

“I don’t want to spoil the first freshness of my work. If it were possible, I would leave it as it is, while I began over and carried it to a more advanced state on another canvas. Then I would do the same thing with that one. There would never be a ‘finished’ canvas, but just the different ‘states’ of a single painting, which normally disappear in the course of work.”Pablo Picasso

I came across this quote during a recent visit to the exhibition ‘Pairing Picasso’ at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. One small room in a massive temple dedicated to the arts, it’s many massive corridors filled with more than enough beautiful work to keep you occupied for at least a full day or two. One small room with 11 works by Picasso, four pairs and a trio, an intimate gallery that manages to give a sense of Picasso’s extensive career as a womanizer, and as an artist, at which he was nearly as prolific.

But there was one work that really drew my eye. Continue reading…