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The evolution of technology is a curious thing. Now that tablets and E-readers have become common household items, odds are there are households that will attempt to go paperless. Unfortunately this means that they will also move away from the magic of books, and this means there will be people growing up to whom a bookmark is only something they click if they want to quickly reach their favorite website.

Adventure boomark

And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of joy to be found in bookmarks, and seeing one being placed in the bag as you purchase another book to add to your pile of “Still need to read, but had to have when I find the time” always adds a sense of wonder and excitement.

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6_Drawing 6 girl jumping loose

Final weeks in Macau while following Academy of Arts University online illustration class

Hi everybody,

So my last two weeks in Macau have arrived.

Next week we have the Photography Club exhibition and I am finishing up my animal masks for the theater play next month. I will make sure to document everything in such way that I can publish it online and share it with you guys. I am not allowed to post any pictures of the children in or around the school and in their uniforms.

This post I wanted to dedicate specially to the online illustration class that I have been following at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

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2015-08-28 Weekplanning illustration_A_Macau_blog

Irene’s illustrated plans for Macau to teach drawing

Macau, here I come!

Hi guys,

So, the day has come. At 17:15 I fly out to Hong Kong, where I will arrive at 10:30 (local time). I have a 11,5 hour direct flight from Amsterdam. Once arrived I will take a ferry that will take me to Macau. Jeanie, the human resource representative of The School Of The Nations will be waiting for me at the ferry terminal.

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Amsterdam Drawing 2014 Livylva_10

Solo presentations mark fourth edition of international Amsterdam Drawing fair

The fourth edition of Amsterdam Drawing takes place from 17 to 20 September and distinguishes by a remarkably high number of solo exhibitions including Amsterdam’s first official city draughtsman Hamid el Kanbouhi (Morocco) for Galerie Nouvelles Images. The drawing event stands unique in it’s approach to presenting contemporary works on paper at an intimately staged fair. Continue reading…