The Illustrated Brexit

Regardless of your position on the matter, it’s nearly impossible to have not heard anything about Brexit. The catchy nickname given to the Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. 51.9% of voters chose to leave the European Union, and the reaction to this development is mixed.

But politics have historically proven to be a great source of inspiration for artists. And Brexit hasn’t disappointed in this aspect so far.
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Igor Burlakov

Why Draw A Card When You Can Draw A Board Game?

I don’t know about you, but I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions. They are either major long term goals that require consistent effort, or too abstract to plan accordingly, and I guess that’s why it’s so common to fail. But this year I found myself taking the risk, and decided I was going to play board games! I figured it’d be as a good a reason as any to be social, and I’d been curious for a while. But with which board game do we start? With most of the classic games being as old as papyrus, the artwork is never a real help either.

Early Monopoly Collage
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Amsterdam Drawing 2014 Livylva_10

Solo presentations mark fourth edition of international Amsterdam Drawing fair

The fourth edition of Amsterdam Drawing takes place from 17 to 20 September and distinguishes by a remarkably high number of solo exhibitions including Amsterdam’s first official city draughtsman Hamid el Kanbouhi (Morocco) for Galerie Nouvelles Images. The drawing event stands unique in it’s approach to presenting contemporary works on paper at an intimately staged fair. Continue reading…