Tony Alva

Skate And Create


Set to be an Olympic Sport in Japan 2020, Skateboarding has come a long way since the days of the “Sidewalk Surfers” of California in the 1950’s.
Once primarily used as an alternative for when the waves didn’t allow any surfing. It would soon much more attention than anyone would ever expect, and a new subculture was born.
And it wouldn’t be long before the board itself became a canvas for painters, street artists, graphic designers, cartoonists and many more.

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Igor Burlakov

Why Draw A Card When You Can Draw A Board Game?

I don’t know about you, but I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions. They are either major long term goals that require consistent effort, or too abstract to plan accordingly, and I guess that’s why it’s so common to fail. But this year I found myself taking the risk, and decided I was going to play board games! I figured it’d be as a good a reason as any to be social, and I’d been curious for a while. But with which board game do we start? With most of the classic games being as old as papyrus, the artwork is never a real help either.

Early Monopoly Collage
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Bookmark This Page!

The evolution of technology is a curious thing. Now that tablets and E-readers have become common household items, odds are there are households that will attempt to go paperless. Unfortunately this means that they will also move away from the magic of books, and this means there will be people growing up to whom a bookmark is only something they click if they want to quickly reach their favorite website.

Adventure boomark

And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of joy to be found in bookmarks, and seeing one being placed in the bag as you purchase another book to add to your pile of “Still need to read, but had to have when I find the time” always adds a sense of wonder and excitement.

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Pieter van Tongeren - Hipster John (2014)

Pieter van Tongeren – Graphic Designer and Illustrator

The fresh and deceptively simplistic graphic imagery by Dutch illustrator Pieter van Tongeren has a strong potency to the point that his subjects look like they existed far before he ever worked on them. His commercial work speaks cleanliness, typical of Dutch design. For some mysterious reason Pieter has the ability to combine his simplicity with his elaborate illustrative work, and it mixes well, as is apparent from his portfolio.

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Exploring Drawing

Drawing has arrived!
No longer is it just a tool used only for preparation for the ‘real work’, drawing has finally been recognised as an art form in its own right. You see it everywhere in magazines, replacing photography, in shop windows replacing  signage, on tee shirts, shoes, you can see handrawn work everywhere. With more and more galleries, collectors, larger exhibitions and artfairs dedicated to drawing, it is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

It is also not neccessarily a solitary activity anymore. Sharing a common experience of drawing, side by side, or Collaborative, in groups, workshops and even in public spaces becomes an enhancing and enriching experience, for the creators and the viewers/consumers.

At The Open Draw, on this site and at our regular events, we want to celebrate drawing in all it’s forms, whether ancient, old and contemporary. We also want to discuss future thought, explore percieved boundaries in order to try and discover and offer new and exciting visual, educational and social experiences to everyone.