The Open Draw at Summer Weekend 2014

The Open Draw – Summer Weekend 2014 report

The very first The Open Draw summer weekend with mini workshops, drawing activities and performance art on 21-22 June 2014 was a huge success. It was the closing of the first season of building a community around drawing and illustration. It was also the first time some of the finest talents of this community joined together to create a group exhibition.

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Gail Anne Howard - Big Mama (2013)

Gail Anne Howard – Drawing Artist

Gail Anne Howard (UK) makes drawings with a steady hand and received a traditional British art education. In recent years she decided to steer beyond her original training to work with more playful and imaginative strokes. In 2012 she joined 1000 Drawings Amsterdam as drawing director and she tirelessly worked with local and international drawing communities. One of the more visible results is The Open Draw community platform.

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Koes Komo - Dance your way to health and happiness (2014)

Koes Komo – Sketchologist

Koes Komo calls himself sketchologist and he certainly deserves the name; he sketches and draws a minimum of four hours a day. Koes “Komo” Hatmoko was born in Semarang Central Java (10­6­1980). He presents himself flexibly as a designer, children’s book illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist, painter, live drawing artist, sculptor, animator, storyboard artist and movie maker.

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Pieter van Tongeren - Hipster John (2014)

Pieter van Tongeren – Graphic Designer and Illustrator

The fresh and deceptively simplistic graphic imagery by Dutch illustrator Pieter van Tongeren has a strong potency to the point that his subjects look like they existed far before he ever worked on them. His commercial work speaks cleanliness, typical of Dutch design. For some mysterious reason Pieter has the ability to combine his simplicity with his elaborate illustrative work, and it mixes well, as is apparent from his portfolio.

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