Tim King - Drawing a Day

A drawing a day for a year of everyday life in London

Tim King is a UK based multidisciplinary designer, filmmaker and reportage illustrator who set himself the challenge to document 2014 with a drawing a day. He creates each picture on the spot and records the conversations and atmospheres of the bustling city of London in his drawings.

If you google “Drawing a Day” you will find endless fascinating projects. It may not be a new idea, but it is always a pleasure to glimpse into the world seen through an artists eyes in a daily setting. Drawing journals of everyday life, or imaginative doodles as it wanders around imagery and materials, like David Lichfields drawing a day project 365

First Hand

Tim is part of First Hand, a collective of illustrators and designers who champion reportage drawing using draftsmanship to experience and record ideas with a journalistic approach. By working together they are able to document big stories and capture ever-changing situations as they unfold and share them live via social media. Their work has been featured online by The Guardian, The Times, Eye Magazine and Varoom.

Teaser trailer for illustration documentary ‘Making It’

Making It is a new upcoming documentary about the daily struggles of making a living as an illustrator, staying creative, and making it all up as we go along.
Woodrow Hinton interviews and asks three well known American illustrators, Andrew Bawidamann, Eric Fortune, and Brian Ewing about  art school, business models, and the future of illustration.
Hinton believe that through collecting opinions about what “Making It” means to them we can all learn and grow.
Apparently it’s still in edit -curious to see the end result.



Learn Chineasy through illustration

The daunting task of learning 20,000 Chinese characters is generally not the most inviting prospect, but then there’s Chineasy. ShaoLan set herself on a mission to spread the Chinese language by making it less intimidating to start with. She turned characters into colorful illustrations that are easy to interpret and learn. An excellent example of learning words and their meanings through mnemonics. Continue reading…

House of Illustration, London

Illustrator in residence at House of Illustration London

This summer 2014 House of Illustration will open its doors in the heart of the King’s Cross regeneration area, right next door to Central St Martins and close to the British Library. A unique public gallery and education space dedicated to exhibiting, celebrating and learning about British and international illustration and illustrators. The HOI employs a full time curator and is looking for an inaugural illustrator in residence. The residency will be an annual event promoting emerging illustration talent. 

Inaugural illustrator in residence

The illustrator plays an important part in the Housewarming festival of illustration in April and May and is to record the exciting events in the run up to House of Illustration’s opening this summer. The six-month residency is an exciting opportunity for an illustrator to get involved in all aspects of House of Illustration life. From online illustrations and blogs to displays, talks, education projects and community workshops. Applicants should read details for eligibility and apply by Tuesday 18 March.

House of Illustration
2 Granary Square


Exploring Drawing

Drawing has arrived!
No longer is it just a tool used only for preparation for the ‘real work’, drawing has finally been recognised as an art form in its own right. You see it everywhere in magazines, replacing photography, in shop windows replacing  signage, on tee shirts, shoes, you can see handrawn work everywhere. With more and more galleries, collectors, larger exhibitions and artfairs dedicated to drawing, it is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

It is also not neccessarily a solitary activity anymore. Sharing a common experience of drawing, side by side, or Collaborative, in groups, workshops and even in public spaces becomes an enhancing and enriching experience, for the creators and the viewers/consumers.

At The Open Draw, on this site and at our regular events, we want to celebrate drawing in all it’s forms, whether ancient, old and contemporary. We also want to discuss future thought, explore percieved boundaries in order to try and discover and offer new and exciting visual, educational and social experiences to everyone.