Gustave Courbet – Self-Portrait (The Desperate Man)

Describing Illness Through Mental Pictures

It seems our language is fairly ineffective when it comes to describing mental illness.
When we feel sad for a day or two, we’re depressed. A colleague who becomes terribly competitive when the manager is around must be schizophrenic, and we all know someone who’ll describe his ex-girlfriend as psychotic.

But when we use these words like this, they don’t illustrate the right picture of such an illness.
But some people can do it with a minimal use of words.

Gemma CorrellGemma Correll

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Red double decker London bus

A Century of Fiep Westendorp

If you grew up in The Netherlands, it’s more than likely you’ve spent more time with the artwork of Fiep Westendorp than you did with your brothers and sisters. With 2016 being the 100th anniversary of her birth, it’s well worth celebrating a woman whose work that has influenced so many Dutch children with her work on classics like Jip & Janneke. And it’s being celebrated with expositions, theater, educational packages and many more initiatives.

Fiep Westendorp drawing

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Ralph Steadman - Animal Farm

Ralph Steadman – 80 and Still Weird

When you drive from Amsterdam to London, you’re likely to pass a little town called Maidstone. Somewhere on the outskirts of this town, hidden behind the trees stands a large, stone mansion. Drive past it with the windows down, and you might catch an ink splatter on your cheek. Listen close and you might hear the hard, wet smacking sound of a soaked brush hitting heavy paper.
This is all part of Ralph Steadman’s process as he goes to work. “When I don’t know what to do, I do that. It might lead somewhere.”

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House of Illustration, London

Illustrator in residence at House of Illustration London

This summer 2014 House of Illustration will open its doors in the heart of the King’s Cross regeneration area, right next door to Central St Martins and close to the British Library. A unique public gallery and education space dedicated to exhibiting, celebrating and learning about British and international illustration and illustrators. The HOI employs a full time curator and is looking for an inaugural illustrator in residence. The residency will be an annual event promoting emerging illustration talent. 

Inaugural illustrator in residence

The illustrator plays an important part in the Housewarming festival of illustration in April and May and is to record the exciting events in the run up to House of Illustration’s opening this summer. The six-month residency is an exciting opportunity for an illustrator to get involved in all aspects of House of Illustration life. From online illustrations and blogs to displays, talks, education projects and community workshops. Applicants should read details for eligibility and apply by Tuesday 18 March.

House of Illustration
2 Granary Square