Tony Alva

Skate And Create


Set to be an Olympic Sport in Japan 2020, Skateboarding has come a long way since the days of the “Sidewalk Surfers” of California in the 1950’s.
Once primarily used as an alternative for when the waves didn’t allow any surfing. It would soon much more attention than anyone would ever expect, and a new subculture was born.
And it wouldn’t be long before the board itself became a canvas for painters, street artists, graphic designers, cartoonists and many more.

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Gail Anne Howard - Big Mama (2013)

Gail Anne Howard – Drawing Artist

Gail Anne Howard (UK) makes drawings with a steady hand and received a traditional British art education. In recent years she decided to steer beyond her original training to work with more playful and imaginative strokes. In 2012 she joined 1000 Drawings Amsterdam as drawing director and she tirelessly worked with local and international drawing communities. One of the more visible results is The Open Draw community platform.

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Sophie Kells - blind contour drawing 04

Sophie Kells – Visual Artist

Sophie Kells is an Australian artist who graduated from the University of Wollongong’s Visual Arts program in 2008. She has exhibited in various locations around Australia with drawing, digital media, sculpture and mixed media. Sophie has a particular passion for blind contour drawing and most recently she’s been inspired by her new surroundings in the Netherlands. Continue reading…